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It's the Iranian Oil Guessing Game. And the Bears Are Winning     ►

"You are seeing a real fundamental shift in the market from concern about a shortfall to now real concern about maybe there is too much supply in the market."

- Andrew Lebow

Oil Slips as Rising Production Outweighs Shrinking U.S. Supplies     ►

"Itís always telling when the market really doesnít fire after a bullish number. Investors look at production as something that could be worrisome down the road."

- Andrew Lebow

Oil inventories fall, but less than expected: Commodity Research Group     ►

Andy Lebow, senior partner at the Commodity Research Group, joins BNN for a look at the latest oil inventories. He reacts to reports from the IEA that says non-OPEC countries will raise oil output in 2018.

Peak Demand Would Not Crash the Oil Industry     ►

"Over time, youíd definitely see consolidation, particularly downstream. But demand for petrochemicals and light products wonít just disappear. Majors would get bigger because of their access to capital".

- Andrew Lebow

U.S. crude shipments set to pick up as export window opens     ►

"You look at U.S. crude runs, Asian crude runs and the growing Asian appetite for light sweets - it would lead one to believe that the arb has a good chance to tighten up"

- Andrew Lebow

Oil falls on worries over swelling U.S. stockpiles     ►

"We've seen a fairly significant increase in crude stocks since the beginning of the year and yet the market has been able to maintain its relative buoyancy. I think the underlying sentiment is bullish ... what's been key to the market is you've seen the tightening of the spreads, especially in the front."

- Andrew Lebow

All Eyes on OPEC as Global Glut Persists     ►

"This meeting is somewhat existential in nature. The group canít afford another fiasco ... OPEC clearly wants to get prices out of the current range."

- Andrew Lebow

New technologies allow the shale industry to thrive     ►

"It is clear that one of those countries most severely affected will be Russia; not because it doesn't have the supply of oil and gas; but rather the current round of international sanctions clearly interdicts the technology transfer of the very processes and adaptations which have enabled the growth of the U.S. industry in the face of a price decline."

- Dr. Gary K. Busch

Oil up 4 percent as Saudis mull meeting, tighter market forecast     ►

"The markets clearly are deriving support from both the IEA report and statements from the Saudi oil minister. In a crude market that has seen a combined increase of 200,000 gross short speculative positions over just the past six weeks, any talk of a potential coordinated effort from producers, no matter how unlikely the prospect, will lead to short covering."

- Andrew Lebow

More pain seen for U.S. crude as product glut adds to gloom     ►

"The market may be adjusting to the reality that crude stocks are not only not going to draw rapidly, but also that as we move into refinery maintenance season, that could exacerbate the problem"

- Andrew Lebow

Is Another Oil Price Spike Inevitable?     ►

"It's certainly possible prices will hit $80 by 2020, but it's a difficult call. Non-OPEC supply is where a lot will be lost, but right now we have a big overhang in stocks getting in the way of prices rising substantially."

- Andrew Lebow

Cruel summer for U.S. refiners as margins tank     ►

Summer driving season is in full swing and American motorists are filling their tanks at a healthy clip, but that is not swelling the profit margins as much as usual at U.S. independent oil refiners.

"PADD 1 is a holy mess. It is very unusual. If a market becomes extremely oversupplied, like PADD 1, they are going to have to cut runs."

- Andrew Lebow

The Stressed-Out Oil Industry Faces an Existential Crisis     ►

"There's a short fix, and a long fix. Are we going for the short fix of a production cut, or the long-haul slog of rebalancing the market? That's what everyone at CERA is going to be talking about. And it's all dependent on the Saudis."

- Andrew Lebow

Crude's slide ignites interest in oil exchange traded funds     ►

"One of unintended consequences of the ETF in '09 was to push contango out and lead to more storage being built -- thankfully, because we needed it"

- Andrew Lebow